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Emerging Church

The Emerging Church       The voice of the emerging church is largely one calling out to itself; it has moved radically outside of mainstream culture. Some within the Church who are listening have heard the cry of reformation, but largely that sphere of worldly influence has dwindled through the disintegration of Christendom. That voice has […]

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Demonstrating Jesus

What would it look like to show people about Jesus? It is my sincere hope that we in the church can learn to be co-laborers with Jesus training the people of god without drawing distinction between clergy and laity; and trying to become the sorts of individuals that demonstrate embody and announce the kingdom of […]

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Stand Under to Understand

while i was in sunvalley which is a resort town, i saw something i haven’t seen in a while. you kind of have to understand sunvalley located in the town of ketchum. it is a very wealthy area, yet the people there are very down to earth. infused in their culture is a sense of […]

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A while ago a friend told me about an art grant for the City of Montpelier that sounded neat.  Thier goal was to use recycled bicycle parts to create sculpture. The idea sounded promising so i started staring at bikes.  One of those things that just started to stand out to me, but i noticed […]

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