the Crucible

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here is something i heard in dream and this is an attempt to remember it as best i can: there is something happening amoungst women right now that i don’t remember seeing, they are beggining to get their voices back, voices that have been cruicified silent for many years and it has not been healthy.  […]

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Emerging Church

The Emerging Church       The voice of the emerging church is largely one calling out to itself; it has moved radically outside of mainstream culture. Some within the Church who are listening have heard the cry of reformation, but largely that sphere of worldly influence has dwindled through the disintegration of Christendom. That voice has […]

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I’m not certain I agree with what I wrote… Just sort of going with the moment… and thinking outloud A family loved their rich neighbors. Although they hadn’t mastered being great neighbors, they were trying to get a lot of practice. Functionally the only thing the neighbors needed was a better understanding of Gods love […]

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