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Alter Boy’s

Would love to try to make it to this, this year… maybe in a chopped 50 Coupe?

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Frenched Head and Tail Light’s

Ok, I’m looking to french both my headlights and taillights on a 50 Chevy Coupe. What have you used and what works best If you have any pics, I would love to see them. I am looking for a bucket recess kit for both the rear and front. I saw these for the front on […]

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50 Chevy

I have been thinking I would like to chop a car… a real chop, not a T or an A but a legit choptop.  Anyone up for an adventure? I am thinking something along these lines  I have just the victim in mind… a 1950 Chev… MMMMMMn?  

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Celtic Goose

celtic goose Originally uploaded by Not sure if this will be visible or how it will work… I suppose there are a couple of options here to play with…

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A while ago a friend told me about an art grant for the City of Montpelier that sounded neat.  Thier goal was to use recycled bicycle parts to create sculpture. The idea sounded promising so i started staring at bikes.  One of those things that just started to stand out to me, but i noticed […]

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