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The Essential Drucker

I have been reading up on some Drucker lately…  really enjoying him…   If you want to see a sample you can find on here on google books

I haven’t gotten a chance to read very far through this particular book yet but already a quote really caught my attention in terms of customers and business…

I suppose I have to ask the same question Wimber used to ask… What business are we in?

“The purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two-and only these tow-basic functions;  marketing and innovation.

Despite the emphasis on marketing and the marking approach, marketing is still rhetoric rather than reality in far too many businesses.  “Consumerism” proves this.  For what consumerism demands of business is that it actually market.  It demands that business start out with the needs, the realities, the values of customers.  It demands that business define its goal as the satisfaction of customer needs.  It demands that the business base its reward on its contribution to the customer.  That after twenty years of marketing rhetoric consumerism could become a powerful popular movement proves that not much market has been practiced Consumers is the “shame of marketing”,

Wow… I think this one is going to stick with me for more than and ADHD moment…

“marketing is still rhetoric rather than reality in far too many businesses.”

I often wonder if rhetoric is a sin?


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