the Crucible

Power Washing ADHD/OCD

Ever go outside, look around in the shop and see a power washer just sitting there?  Ever get the bright idea that since it’s sunny for the first time in 5 months and mud season is on, that it would be a good idea to hit the wheels of the car…. then the engine, then the doors, then the roof, then the sides, then the roof rack, the the underneath… then the house?

Somehow i started out on the car and by the end of the day, our house looked naked from paint… I had planned on painting the house this summer, but it was a compulsive vacuum that roped me in… next thing i knew i was on our extension ladder shooting up rooster tails of water 50′ in the air… hopefully well get some after’s, because right now the before’s aren’t looking too pretty.

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