the Crucible


here is something i heard in dream and this is an attempt to remember it as best i can:

there is something happening amoungst women right now that i don’t remember seeing, they are beggining to get their voices back, voices that have been cruicified silent for many years and it has not been healthy.  equals in christ; it is ridiculous that they have not been heard.  where are they?  they have siliently been in our impossed solitude of submission but they are being/have been getting raised up and like wild lionesses they are getting ready to be realeased, released on the church, released on thier culture and released to be the women that god has called them to be. 


we have to provide the intentional interaction amoungst our women.  they are strong and vibrant, wonderfully brilliant and i can’t wait to hear them speak out, teach, prophesy, model, admonish, encourage. hopefully our place in doing church will reflect all the potential thats there for us to see them released into the various areas of being co-laborers with god and followers of his spirit. 

i fear that the church has grown tired, and is malnourished on the male centered voice, if we don’t provide our wives, daughters and sisters opportunities to be raised up, then how will we ever hear anything different?  we need to provide for them the same access, the same oppourtunities and the same selfless hearts they have given to us.  there voices must be heard, it is simply foolish and ignorant to think otherwise. 

how can we bless them more, how can we free them up, how can we restore what has been oppressed? what will it take to see them walk in ways they have been unable?  how can we allow them to step into the full blessing of daughters of god?  

we are at a pivotable time and sphere of influence, our culture has far surpassed our expectations within the church, and we must repent to see a change in the church.  those who are not followers of jesus will see the potential of what it means to be in gods family and it will be inviting.  it will be right and it will be very refreshing.  can you imagine a church that can actually look at women in healthy ways?  how prophetic. what more could speak to the world then that alone, what could be more of a statement about how we view our king?  what could be more honoring to jesus?  spririt we need you to teach us.  teach us to be a renewed  people of god, not renewed men. 

god is jealous for the fullness of his daughters hearts, but he has allowed them to serve us for unknown reasons.  lets serve our wives the way they have served us and lets allow our wifes, daughters and sisters to see what it means to have his full attention.  

++bless the fellowship that you are bringing about in women of your church, and forgive us(men) for being so dominereing, so contemptous and so fragile that we have not understood their hearts, restore the centuries of slavery that has been put upon them, encourage them and lift them up as worshippers of your kingship and lordship reighn over them and exalt them, free them from the oppression of the decades and allow them to speak your words freely without holding back, allow them to prophesy and worship in profound ways, raise them up to be teachers, and give back thier voice

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