the Crucible

I AM the DNA

i heard this this morning when i was praying but i sensed it was for more than just me to read, actually i felt it was for the eMerging church crowd, so i am posting it.  i think it will take more modeling than we can comprehend


+you are so beautiful

they ways you are gathering and the ways your are listening have been brought about by technology,
but don’t be mislead about who is spawning this.
this is all within my heart
practice your thin space because i am continueing to speak. 
teach listening,
teach listening
teach listening
teach your relationships how to listen to me,
you have the ways to communicate,
you have established this as a valuable resource,
now listen to me,
hear what it is i have to say
put that into your practices,
put that in your podcasts
be bold to speak what it is i am telling you. 
be bold to say ALL that you are hearing
be bold to speak it out
be bold,
be bold
what do YOU have to loose? 
demonstrate what it looks like to proclaim my words AND USE THEM
- they are far more powerful than your own,
they are far more relevant to your culture than any language you can concoct. 
they are the words of life. 
more than flesh
more than blood,
they are the words that can form into being
and they are the words that draw beings. 
i am the DNA

speak me+

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