the Crucible


the boomer’s time is not over. their realm has not reached it’s threshold, they will be used in the most powerful of ways.  The wants and vision they started some 40 years ago are just now coming to a fruition they originally lacked the humility and understanding to fathom.  Fruition in themselves and fruition in who they are called to be, now running out of steam for the folly of their youth they will enter a time bringing countless with them when possibilities other than their issues, and those larger than their limited ability can solve.  They now will come to find the source Power that can accomplish   the vision they so long ago had for the world.  Issues will surpass them; they will enter a time when their destiny and futures are challenged.  In this challenge, they will come to terms with their own faith; age and the visible effects it has on the human body has a beautiful way of accomplishing this.  This realization will bring many into the Church.

Now wealthier than they could have dreamed of, and with the adage of 401k’s and savings, they will gain a new way of demonstrating what it means to be provided for and provision.
Their legacy will be a legacy of countless coming to the realization that theirs is a God and King who loves them more than any totality of all their vision they could have capsulated for the last fifty years.  How exciting to watch them grow up, to see the things they have fostered, to capture their vision and see them come to full fruition in the kingdom.  I can’t wait to see them at the front of our churches, at the front of our mission projects, at the forefront of our communities, now leading with all the time they fought so hard to achieve in retirement.  Now balanced with maturity, experience and wisdom they are finally walking into their gifting and calling- A calling that will begin to break in 2010 as they entire into their retirement years in unprecedented ways.   Forgoing the values of pleasure, they will once again see what it means to be selfless, and beautiful in the eyes of the kingdom.  I can’t wait, bless our fathers, our mothers, our aunts our uncles, our neighbors who for so long have dreamed.  This will be their time.  This is their legacy, to BE the church, to act with vision and fulfill the call they started so long ago.

++Bless their health, bless their strength, give them strength. Boom baby boom. Boom with numbers, explode with love++

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