the Crucible


i recently watched the movie Sam i Am it was a story about a “differently-abeled” father whose cognative impairments were alleged to get in the way of fathering. it was very comforting to see, and further more proved the point that love goes a lot farther than intelligunce.

i had the greatest father in the world. it strikes me that at the core of so many issues of leadership it always comes back to (intentionally & not lazily) modeling or whats been modeled. sure there are wrinkles in the true fathers heart. and nobody had the perfect earthly father. but it truley seems that at the core of leadership, is wanting nothing more than what is completely best for our sons/daughters or those were trying to lead (leadee’s).

at times i feel like i am “Sam i Am”. i have been asking myslef why wouldn’t we want to bless our leadees? why wouldn’t we want them to get more glory, to put them first, to make them better, to make them smarter, to let teach them to know the best possible relationshiop with their heavenly father. thats what we want for our kids. why wouldn’t we want that for our leadees. thats what i love about leading without the building, the program, the tight sermonette. being freed up from the things thta really aren’t kingdom at all, we can focus more on leading and modeling. we actually have time to allocate for whats best to our leadee’s. rather than whats best for us. the movie said it much beetter that that but if you get a chance check it out.

++lord help me to intentionally model
what has been so purposefully modeled to me
thank you that my dad took the time to model it.
help me to do the same in my kids lives
as well as those i get to hang out with++

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