the Crucible

Stand Under to Understand

while i was in sunvalley which is a resort town, i saw something i haven’t seen in a while. you kind of have to understand sunvalley located in the town of ketchum. it is a very wealthy area, yet the people there are very down to earth. infused in their culture is a sense of adventure and buildt in wonderlust. its common place to sit in a room and find that most of the people there spend at least 2 months out of the year pursueing intrests like surfing in indonesia , or trekking/hiking/kayaking in nepal, traveling to asia to travel and explore. basically stuff most people around here don’t do. one of the reasons the town of ketchum catches so many is because of the freedom for life that everyone there experiences.

the take away moment was when i saw some guy that looked about 30 holding up a sign while walking his dog. its unusuall to see people walking and holding signs especially in ketchum. as we approached him i noticed that there was a peace rally in the center of down town also very rare in ketchum. the guy walking his dog, had a huge smile on, like the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland. his beautiful malumute husky was leading the way on a piece of rope and the guy looked genuinely happy. as i approached his simple sign about a foot and a half by a foot and a half, i could begin to see it more clearly. on it was a picture of the earth taken from a sattelite photo with an indian spirit catcher around the outside perimiter of it. i noticed that after people looked at it he spun it around and on the other side it had a picture of assumabally his daughter, a beautiful 2 year old looking girl, who was smilling. the words below it said “say no more”.

i don’t understand pacifism well enough, not even certain how it all works or what part of jesus pacifism looks like. i do know that the guys sign seemed to make sense.

++help me to understand
what part you want me to play
in understanding pacifism,
its so far away from the me
let me grapple and understand it

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