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more about pacisfism, i grew up company guy, never question authority, follow orders obey your parents.. .pacifism was not an option unless our gov’t was practicing it. about fighting back, mommas rule was that after you asked em nicley to stop it 3 times, you could knock them out, and typically it was a quick three times. she also said that after you turn the other cheek you could fight back, i was never really clear if that was get hit on oneside, and offer the other, and then hit back. or hit back after they hit the other cheek. or just hit both cheeks and then turn. typically i am very good at hitting back and like momma says i do it until i’m not in danger.

i feel like waterboy. and all of a sudden jesus is like that colonel sanders character in the movie, who might be disagreeing with momma. hitting back is such a fun thing and i enjoy it so much, i already miss the idea of not doing it. fight club is fun. i sort of feel like its out of character to be a pacisfist. i am wrestling/fighting the idea of pacifism. my ohio bro told me i should read a book by yoder (he sounds wise like yoda) and i will. i can still remember reading those challenging (for me) chapters 5-7 about anger in divine conspiracy and it wasn’t until i read that, that i relized i have/had/getting rid of an anger problem. i wonder if this book is going to make me relize i have a pacivity or lack of pacivity problem. i have been thinking a lot about that demonstrator from yesterdays blog, read beths (blog for more weekend details) and i am continuing to wonder about pacifism. who understands it? allelon me.

++thanks for working on all my issues
help me to wrassle with them
let me understand them
please give me wisdom++

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