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i think it is a sweetism that as leaders today we need to be more spiritual guides than didactic orators, whatever the language i am more conviced than ever that we need to point out the spirit at work. prophetic perhaps is just as good a language, basically signposts. what really bugs me is watching the spirit move and seeing nobody step up to the plate and speaking about it.

i am not a huge fan of the boss, but last night during the grammy’s, the worship song he sang had some mojo on it. i think the song is called the rising, and last night in front of concervatively 1500 people as he sang you could see what god was doing. at the end the crowd was “moved”, but i would also bet that what they were responding to was worship. the kind of worship that lies dormant at times, yet it embeded in our DNA. they were “moved” and i think sometimes people replace emotionalism for what is really a physical outflow of worship ( . . .but i realize thats gray area). i am not entirely convinced that the people were responding to the boss, rather i think they were responding to the spirit, but thought they were responding to the boss. it was driving me nuts that here was this audience of many, at the end of this song, standing up clapping with a looks of dismay on their faces, not knowing what had happened. it was as if they had experienced intimate time with god, but there was know one there to give language to it. i think that is where a spiritual guide can really come into play. if there was only someone there even narrating or explaining to people what god was doing in their midst i think there would have been a lot of people who would want to search out god more often. if it is true we are post-christandom than who esle is going to point this stuff out.

++send me lord, show us how you move amoungst us
teach us to be bold and speak when we see you move
help us to explain to others what you are doing++

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