the Crucible

Isaiah 1:12-17

“quit your worship charades
i can’t stand your trivial religeious games:
monthyl conferences, weekly sabbaths, special meetings-
more meetings, meetings , meetings-i can’t stand one more!
you’ve worn me out
i’m sick or your religeioin, religion,
while you go right on sinning
when you put on your next prayer performance i’ll be looking the ohter way.
no matter how long or loud or ogten you pray i’ll not be listening.
and do you know why? beacuase you’ve been tearing people upto pieces
and your hands are bloody
go home, wash up, clean up your act.
sweeep your lives clean of your evildoings
so i don’t have to look at them any longer
say no wrong
learn to do good
work for justice
help the down-and-out
stand up for the homeless
go to bat for the defensless”
isaiah 1:12-17 (message)

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