the Crucible


+++i can’t stand for theoretical practices, practictioner is the only life style for being christianity. its as if the word has been reduced to an on or off switch, i am tired of the dualism, and were all guilty of it. conferences on the how to’s and what to do’s, emails, newsletters, ezines. help us to be care free enough to enjoy who you have made us to be, let us deliver the goods to who when and how you want us to. let us be real in our temperpant and let us be tempered by you. allow us to work thourgh our sinfful ways and help us to heal. send us in your power so that we have the necessary tools to fight for your kingdom and the pricipals that you employ. teach us but don’t drown us with your peddlars of rhetoric. i am so tired of words lord. show me actions. i am over whelmed with programatic fromulas for your kingdom. tell them all to shut up, and get outside.+++

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